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 Welcome to SISTECOIN "Technical Fire fighting System"


We are a manufacturer and distributor of automatic fire extinguishing systems in Spain and the rest of the world.

We are dedicated to fire protection for big business and industrial facilities, transportation, kitchens, etc. We provide our customers with meticulous technical advice, studying each particular case to propose the best possible solution. See our Politique de Qualité.

In Sistecoin we provide our clients with meticulous technical advice studying each case in particular to propose the best possible solution in the development of the installation of the automatic fire extinguishing system. Our professionals are always at the customer's disposal whether they need additional information in an installation or maintenance, as well as with any other service related to the re-stamped, destruction and recycling of fluorinated gases.

In addition, we offer a complete training program that guarantees the necessary knowledge for the correct installation and operation of systems and safety in the fire extinguishing sector.

“Your safety and the safety of your clients is our main objective”






In SISTECOIN we work every day to offer a good service and the most competitive products in the market. From this desire of improvement was born SISTECOIN, a new products company dedicated to automatic fire extintion.