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Carbon dioxide is colorless, odorless and electrically non conductive. It is characterized by a fast and efficient penetration in the protected area, which makes the carbon dioxide to be the gaseous extinguishing agent that covers the highest quantity of fire fighting equipments. The accumulated experience throughout the years facilitates its building in a huge number of applications.

The carbon dioxide offers two different fire fighting systems, based on two physical principles. The first one is by reducing the oxygen concentration below 15%, situation below which the majority of fires can’t maintain their combustion. The second process is by cooling and absorbing the heat from the protected area.

Thanks to its versatility, the dioxide carbon can be used in application as a total flooding agent, such as in local applications, taking always into account the necessary precautions for the security in case that it must be applied in occupied areas, because even in low oxygen concentrations, it can cause asphyxia.


The great majority of standard applications are part of the industrial segment, but some of them are also part of other segments, due to its great variety of uses.The most notable sectors of applications are Gas turbines, Power transformers, Flammable liquid storage areas, Rotating printing machines, Electric power transformer stations, Range hoods, Electrical cabinets.

In order to avoid problems such as accidents, that the carbon dioxide may cause, systems have the following security accessories for situations in which it can’t be guaranteed the NON occupation of the protected area by people.

  • Discharge retardant
  • Inhibitor
  • Security vent valves
  • Pneumatic sirens

SISTECOIN components for CO2 are certified by VdS Schadensverthürteng ( Vertraven durch Sicherheit ) of Germany.



In SISTECOIN we work every day to offer a good service and the most competitive products in the market. From this desire of improvement was born SISTECOIN, a new products company dedicated to automatic fire extintion.