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SISTECOIN’s extinguishing system for kitchens, thanks to its ease of use and installation, and its cutting edge technology, seeks to become the benchmark in the extinction sector of community kitchens. All the commercial kitchens, due to the use of highly flammable products such as oils and vegetable and animal fats, and to the high calorific value of the used equipments (deep-fryers, stoves, etc.) represent an extremely, serious and permanent risk of fire. Therefore, SISTECOIN, in view of the need to protect people and materials, launches an automatic extinguishing system for commercial kitchens through a chemical agent based on potassium salts. The fire extinguishing system for kitchens is an automatic and autonomous system, which is precalculated for the protection of all the areas in an industrial kitchen (covers, exhaust ducts, plenums and air filters) and of all the kitchen equipments (fryers, stoves, grills, woks, etc.) The system is ideal for kitchens that are normally used in restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels, old people’s homes, airports, etc.

The automatic extinguishing system for kitchens designed by SISTECOIN is a precalculated system, charged with a cutting edge chemical agent, which is pressurized with dry nitrogen at a pressure of 15bar. It has been designed in accordance with the regulation NFPA 17A and the Spanish CTE (Technical Building Code), tested in the laboratory AFITI-LICOF, and accredited by ENAC (Entidad Nacional de Acreditación - the National Accreditation Entity). The system’s detection is carried out through a tube, manufactured with cutting edge thermoplastic polymers.
When the tube receives the flame action, it breaks down and releases the pressure, fact which allows the valve’s opening and the resulting discharge of the extinguishing agents through the diffusers. The system includes the cylinder with the extinguishing agent and the discharge system, the detection system and the discharge diffusers. Besides some additional elements, such as fire extinguisher cabinets in stainless steel, manual operation of the system, manometer with pressure switch, pressure switch for 1/2 pipes, etc., depending on the installation needs.



Systems manufactured under the highest safety requirements

Cylinder: It is fabricated in stainless steel and its external coating is painted in polyester RAL9010. Availability of three different volumes: 9, 12 and 25l.

Valve: Pilot control and rapid trigger valve, IHP model and brand Ceodeoux. Certified valve according to the European Directives 97/23/CE
and 99/36/CE and the VDS official approval.

Fireline Tube: It is fabricated in cutting edge thermoplastic polymers. Permanent detection allows a complete and instantaneous detection in any of the kitchen elements. This FIRELINE detector tube can break down at different temperatures depending on the pressure inside the tube. Sistecoin provides a pressurized system between 15-20bar, fact which produces a break at a temperature between 105-120ºC.

Fixed Difusser:

 Difusor de descarga fijo Sistecoin

It is fabricated in brass or in stainless steel and it is designed to carry out a constant discharge by improving the system’s
usefulness. Availability of several models with different discharge flow rates depending on the needs of design of each installation.

Directional Difusser:

It is fabricated in brass or in stainless steel and it is designed to carry out a constant discharge by improving the system’s
usefulness. Availability of several models with different discharge flow rates depending on the needs of design of each installation.

SISTECOIN Model. It is placed in any situation of the FIRELINE tube.
When this system is operated, the depressurization of the FIRELINE tube is allowed with the resulting opening of the discharge

It indicates the installation state (extinguisher activated or at rest). In case that the system is activated and triggered, it sends
a sign to the fire extinction central, which may carry out different actions such as stopping the extraction, closing the gas
supply valve, etc.

Alarm central which controls the pressure for fire extinguishing systems in range hoods. This alarm central is used in order to
obtain the signal of “low pressure”, through the pressure switch, which indicates a pressure drop resulting from leakage or a
fire. When the alarm is activated, it can active or deactivate different outlets.

It is fabricated in AISI304 stainless steel, it is 1.5 mm thick and it has got a cam lock. We offer a different model depending on
the cylinder.


A system which is 100 % effective and there is no probability for burn-back


Comprehensive protection system. The system is designed to protect all the elements in a
kitchen, independently of that which may cause the fire.


  • Autonomous system. It doesn’t need any type of power supply
  • Automatic system. It guarantees the kitchen’s protection without the need of a person who must activate the system. It is guaranteed the system’s permanent activation.
  • A rapid response system. Once the fire is detected, the system extinguishes the fire in a few seconds.
  • A reduced and economic system. A system which is easy to install and maintain.
  • An extinguishing agent with neutral, non-toxic, biodegradable and clean pH.


See Installation Manual See 2014 Comercial Catalogue

Plano de un sistema de detección automatica de incendios en cocinas 



In SISTECOIN we work every day to offer a good service and the most competitive products in the market. From this desire of improvement was born SISTECOIN, a new products company dedicated to automatic fire extintion.